The Great Return of Essence-Me to Immanent I am

Further Revelations on Essential Me

Clarifying the New Map of Essential Me

A High Resolution Picture of the Observer

Perfecting and Correcting our Understanding of Essential Me

The Hidden Secrets of Essence-me and Immanent I am

Evolution from Lower to Higher Personality

Pure Conscious Me: The True Foundation of Mental Work

The Underworld of the Universal Subconscious

Turiya: The Absolute Waking State

Samadhi in Sleep: The Art of Falling Asleep Consciously

Conscious Me: The Watcher of the Thought-threshold

The Four Dimensions of I am within the Supreme Self

Beyond Presence: The Higher Realization of Bare Attention

Primordial I and the Realization of Essence-samadhi

Seeing from the Fifth Eye of Shiva

Diving into the Secrets of Essential Me

Selective Reincarnation: How to Survive Death

Journey to Human Completion

The Map of the Psyche: Part Two
Knowledge of the Person – the Key Ingredient of Human Transformation

The Map of the Psyche: Part One

Assumptions, Beliefs, Dogmas  and the Prison of the Mind  

Sincerity: The Essence of a True Seeker

Stagnation in the Netherworld of Rebellious Personality

Spiritual Suffering and its Loving Guidance

Flexible Destiny: Creating our Future

Transcending Real and Imaginary Abuse in the Now

Purification and Transparent Imperfection

Transforming Subconscious Tendencies

Emancipation from Superego through the Soul

The Need for Boundaries in Separation and Unity

Sexuality: Its Beauty and its Illusions

Free Will or Will to be Free?

Karma and Morality

How to be Alone in Society

The Higher Meaning of Self-love

Evolution from Lower to Higher Personality

Transcending Fear

Aligning Self-image with the Wisdom of the Soul

Acceptance and the Pitfall of Passivity

Secrets of the Inner Universe

This innovative series explores the deeper, hidden laws which govern our existence, both in the inner and outer universes, including that of time, space, light, intelligence and recognition. The explorations draw creative parallels between science of physics and that of spirituality.

Energetic Map of Consciousness

Intelligence, Consciousness, and the Origin of Life

Loop Quantum Gravity and Spiritual Background Independence

Spiritual Implications of Quantum Theory

Primordial Black Hole of the Absolute

Reverse Entropy and Our Spiritual Autonomy

Arrow of Time and the Law of Reverse Entropy

Space-time Continuum in Pure Subjectivity

Real Time of Universal Evolution

The Hidden Dimension of Real Space

Samadhi and the Absolute Theory of Relativity

Beyond Traditions

The Beyond Traditions series looks at different teachings or systems of meditation in order to see both their contribution to revealing the science of the spiritual path and their limitations. Anadi's intention in writing them has been to broaden the understanding of the spiritual dimension amongst his students so that they can gain a higher perspective on the nature of the path and evolution.


Critical Inquiries into Truth