Testimonials – Students’ Perspectives

Before I came to this path I was completely lost. I was looking at any option that I could find in the spiritual world, eventually joining the Gurdjieff groups, which helped me to see what it means to be lost, but offered no solutions (to that existential problem). It was as if no path that I found truly believed that some other way of existing is actually possible for us, and everyone around me was okay with that.

Finding Aadi and the teaching was like a miracle for me. Finally, someone that knows, understands, and has practical tools to give. Reading his book, I could not sleep for days. A thought kept repeating in my mind – so this really exists! He was not talking vaguely about some faraway awakened state, one that is very unlikely to reach. Rather, it is where you start, it is concrete and immediate.

Today, after many years of following this path, I feel very empowered inside. I am no longer groping in darkness. I know that the path is long, and that is fine, I am happy to walk it. It is beautiful and intimate, and I’m constantly growing in it. I know where I stand, I know how to progress inside and I know who I am. And when I don’t, or when I’m challenged, Aadi’s loving guidance is available.

The miracle that I had, of meeting and following Aadi and the teaching, is still happening every day.


Almost 15 years ago, when I first heard Aadi’s name, there was a powerful bolt of recognition somewhere within me. I was young, desperate, and confused, but without knowing anything about him, I knew with certainty that something was absolutely right. To meet him, to sit in his presence, was simply unbelievable to me – indeed it still is. Here was a real person, a splendid and beautiful soul. Here was the only real person I had encountered in this world, standing wonderfully bright in a life so frustratingly full of shallow, unsubstantial things. Looking at him, I felt he could see and know much more deeply who I was than I could myself, and in that mirror, I could directly glimpse my own, meaningful future, and start to walk towards it.

It has been a long, great, and challenging journey since that first bolt of certainty, one of precipitous climbs and steep falls into the highest and lowest recesses of myself. As you step onto this path and aspire towards its most sublime goals, you are also forced to confront your weaknesses, question every comforting assumption, and strive towards an unbreakable devotion to what is true. What I have gained is not positive experiences or a philosophy to live by – I have become more of myself, who I am has grown bigger, deeper. Through the power and knowledge of this teaching, and Aadi’s personal, patient and compassionate support, I am gradually becoming who I have always sincerely, achingly wished to become – a real individual with a profound and unique perspective; a dignified being constituted by light, understanding, goodness, and love.


It’s hard to know where to begin in describing the role that the teaching of Aadi has played in my life. It has simultaneously provided both a constant, unwaveringly stable, foundational support on my spiritual path, and yet also continuously challenged me to find true reliance within myself.

I experience it as it something like a remarkably intricate multi-dimensional mirror, showing me, in as much detail as I am able to see, exactly who I am, and who I am becoming in the deepest possible sense.

The only spiritual limit I have found in terms of what this teaching can bring me, is my own limited capacity to engage with it. Within its structure and technology there is a perpetually evolving horizon of wisdom calling me further and further into the truth of my very existence. Sometimes this path calls for diligent effort, other times patience, waiting and allowing. And although it has not always been easy, year after year, I am left with nothing but awe and gratitude for the opportunity to receive this immeasurably precious gift, guidance, and support along my path.

With love,


Meeting and growing with Aadi teaching is the greatest blessing I ever received. It has helped me in the most profound way to connect to my essence, to find real love, connection, and substance in who I am. Aadi has helped me to open doors that I had no ability to open myself, and has certainly showed me many doors that I didn’t even know existed.

The teaching is for me a most precious expression of true evolution – it is alive, pulsating, and continuously unfolding. Over the years, my whole perception has changed, the way I am and am able to embody different dimensions of me, the way I perceive others and the world, is completely different. It is as if new sense organs have emerged, there is depth, beauty and holiness in simply being alive. And at the same time there is always the feeling of just having started.

I know deep in my being that there is no other teaching on this planet with the clarity and substance of this teaching. If you sincerely yearn for your true essence, for your soul, for realness you will find here the support to walk your path.


I have been a student of Aadi for 17 years. The teaching, amongst many things, has acted as a golden compass to help me navigate my evolution as a soul, and through my life as a human and as a mother.

Whenever I have become lost or confused in life, returning constantly back to the path has been the most honest reality check I could have ever given myself.

It is not always easy to face and it takes a relentless commitment and dedication, but the truth is when you really fall in love with yourself for the very first time, when you taste it, which you will if you follow this path with vigilance and passion, you finally begin to find true peace and a very sweet and right place inside yourself where you can begin to meet your life authentically, head-on.

Finding these teachings and being under the loving guidance of a teacher like Aadi is nothing short of divine grace.


At the time I first heard about this teaching I was not consciously seeking. Still, at the end of each day, I was aching from a hollow feeling inside and the frustration of unanswered questions such as: Who am I really, in my core, and why can I not just be that?

Six months after this introduction, in January 2002, I attended my first satsang with Aadi in India. He did not speak at all on that occasion, but in the intimacy of that sacred, silent event I heard the clear whisper of my deepest inner self affirming that this teaching was real and true. My soul felt such indescribable relief.

As a spiritual guide, Aadi displays a profound and astoundingly clear understanding of the inner reality. He has developed precise language and concepts to impart understanding of the most intricate details to his students.

An explorer and an innovator, he endlessly and creatively pushes at the boundaries of his existing knowledge. His flair for continuously unlocking new revelations and plunging the seeker into ever brighter light and more expansive realizations of his or her true self is breathtaking.

The path can be desperately difficult at times, but Aadi is patient and compassionate in the help he gives. One of the things I most love and respect about him as a teacher is how he empowers his students to take responsibility for our own evolution. At the same time, we are also given vital energetic support without which we would have no entry point or anchor in the vast and rich dimensions of the human soul.

It cannot be underestimated what a sheer blessing it is to find, in this dimension of suffering, a dedicated, loving and accomplished teacher such as Aadi. His teaching is truly transformative. With all my heart, my sincere wish for you who are reading this is that you too may receive its light and find nourishment for your innermost being.

With deep gratitude and love,


After decades of applying various spiritual teachings, resulting in certain understandings and experiences, I still kept looking because I did not find that which gave me a lasting experience of inner peace and access to my divine essence. It was a great joy for me when I came across the teaching of Aadi. Even though, in the beginning, I needed to get accustomed to a new language and paradigm of meditation practice, there was no doubt for me that this was the key to what I was looking for. To discover the sense of me, and to realise that I had adopted common practices that were denying this obvious realisation, was in itself a mind-blowing event.

Still now, a few years later, I feel very blessed that I have discovered Aadi’s teaching. I finally know without doubt that the path of me is the only path to myself.


The discovery of ‘The Divine Path of Me’ by Aadi was a revolution for me.

I had been practicing Chan meditation for many years, denying my subjectivity, and thus keeping me in awareness without the possibility of embodying it.

In Chan’s advanced practices of ‘awareness of awareness’, I was not able to establish myself in pure consciousness.

Three months after starting the practice of integral consciousness, in the way that Aadi taught it a few years ago, it was easy and quick for me to awaken the entire channel of horizontal consciousness.

With some more time and practice, I was then able to embody all the aspects of horizontal consciousness.

That’s why I think this method is not only revolutionary, but great, and it keeps you with your feet on the ground.


When I first saw a video of Aadi talking about the Absolute, I felt a sense of indestructibility coming from his very being. And though I could not fully comprehend his words, I wondered how and why I felt that.

I started attending his retreats and that was both a humbling experience and at the same time a spiritually nourishing one. I began to experience a deep silence and peace in seclusions while growing stronger energetically, slowly but surely, also in my day to day. I was beginning to consciously be Me.

I am deeply thankful to Aadi. He provides a space of seclusion so that we can develop our sensitivity and understanding of the Path to Me. He has helped me to open the door to my Pure Subjectivity so that I can begin to taste the relief and peace that brings. He is constantly developing ways and refining tools to help his students’ individual practice. His unwavering guidance encourages me to continue exploring my inner subjectivity and to keep growing the intent of a warrioress so that I can deal with my own weaknesses and confusion.


In my eyes, walking the path of Aadi teaching is like going from being in a dark room, were you are always looking for a way out, to being constantly guided towards the light switch, and having the knowledge and the power to switch the light on. Even if at times it seems impossible, there is no doubt the help is there, and the switch for the light is there.

Meeting Aadi himself was meeting the human, the soul, I had been longing to meet. Aadi teaching is a path you can only understand by feeling.


At my first evening meeting in 2001, the awakening power of this teaching was very clear. Through the years, I’ve been involved with many spiritual paths, but this meditation practice has provided the only truly transformative and lasting shifts in my day to day consciousness.

Walking this path has often tested my commitment and sincerity, but on the whole it’s been the most effective, constantly alive teaching I’ve encountered. It has always seemed like an honour, and in some ways a miracle, to be able to stay on this spiritual path. I’ve never been part of any social group within the teaching and have only met Aadi three times personally in 18 years, but the teaching has always felt intensely real and a gift of grace.


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