Skype Meeting with Aadi


Aadi is available for private meetings over Skype. For newcomers who feel drawn to this teaching and are interested in joining a seclusion (retreat), having a Skype meeting with Aadi is the first step to make. The purpose of the meeting is to receive personal guidance from Aadi, something which in this teaching is considered indispensable, and be initiated by him into the correct practice. 

Meeting Aadi personally over Skype is a prerequisite for all new students who wish to join a seclusion (retreat).

Skype meetings can be arranged by contacting us at:

Further details can be found below.

QnA about Skype Meeting

What is the purpose of a Skype meeting with Aadi?

The purpose of a Skype meeting is primarily to allow you to receive personal guidance from Aadi and to be initiated into the correct practice. This will enable you to have clarity about what you should do both inside and outside of meditation, so that you can prepare for the seclusion effectively. 

Why is a Skype meeting the first step?

Aadi meets all newcomers over Skype so that he can personally initiate them into their personal practice. While you can learn the basic concepts and vision of this teaching through the information on the website or in books, it is likely that you might misinterpret the terms or associate them with the incorrect experience. Aadi’s personal guidance brings experiential clarity to your practice, and thereby establishes the correct ground from which you can begin to engage with the teaching more deeply.

How should I prepare for the Skype meeting?

We advise that prior to your meeting, you will acquaint yourself with the basic elements of Aadi’s teaching including reading some of the relevant materials and listening to recommended recordings online.

Is it possible to have a face-to-face meeting as well?

It may be possible for a meeting with Aadi in person to be arranged, depending on the circumstances. You may also be invited to a face-to-face meeting with Aadi during the seclusion, although these meetings are given at Aadi’s own discretion and are not guaranteed.

Is Skype meeting sufficient to follow the path or do I need to meet Aadi in person? 

Generally speaking, if you wish to truely follow this path, you should attend seclusions in person, and in time meet Aadi personally as well. The online platform is intended as a secondary support, and not a primary means of engaging with the teaching. Having said this, a Skype meeting is sufficient prior to attending your first seclusion.

Technical QnA about Skype Meetings

How long will the meeting last?

The duration of the meeting varies, but will likely last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Will the meeting include also Video or just Audio?

It will be a video meeting, wherever possible.

Is it possible to record the meeting?

Yes, you are welcome to record the meeting if you wish to.

Is there a flexibility around the date and hour of the meeting?

There is some flexibility, yes, dependent on Aadi’s availability and your own time zone. When you apply for a meeting, we will endeavour to arrange a time and date that is suitable for you.

Applying for a Meeting

How to apply for a skype meeting?

To schedule a skype meeting with Aadi please send a mail to

If it is your first communication with Aadi, please also add a short note regarding your spiritual background and why you wish to conduct the meeting.

You will then be replied to schedule the meeting after some time.