Books by Aadi

Books By Aadi

It is highly recommended that these books be read as hardcovers, as opposed to ebooks, because the experience is more immersive, introverted and energetically potent. Ebooks, while obviously useful for research and when traveling, should ideally be supplementary.

The Divine Path of Me: 2nd Edition

Book-of-Being CoverThis book stands alongside “The Knower” book as one of the seminal books of this teaching. It’s main purpose is to outline the essentials of Aadi’s teaching in a way which simplifies and explains its most fundamental concepts, thereby making the teaching more accessible to seekers who are not familiar with the unique language that he has created to describe the inner path. It has recently been updated to reflect the revelations of the knower.

Much of the book assumes the form of a dialogue of questions and answers between teacher and student. This format was chosen so as to address the most common doubts amongst students, and clarify the confusions that each seeker has to face as an indivisible part of his path. It will serve as an astonishingly clear and revealing guide for the true seeker, one who is deeply longing to meet and embody his pure subjectivity, one blessed enough to walk the divine path of me.

Hardcover book, plus complimentary eBook : £36 (incl. shipping)
E-book: £10

Towards Immanent I am: The Great Return of Essence-Me to its Source

EM-Ebook-Cover-smallThis ebook and audio book has been created to be a highly practical support for students, to help each one fully absorb the revelations of November – February 2016- 2017 season regarding the essential me.

In the book, edited transcriptions of the key talks have been compiled and arranged into subject areas. Next to the title of each transcript there is a link to the corresponding recording, which you may then listen to in the context of meditation.

While some of the understanding presented in this book has been superseded by the recent revelation of the knower, it still contains many profound and deeply insightful meditations which can be of great value to students in their practice and contemplation. Even so, the meditations need to be approached creatively and founded on a firm understanding of the present teaching, and of all the conceptual and terminological changes that the revelation of the knower has brought.

E-book: £10

Book of Being

Book-of-Being CoverBook of Being is the first book by Aadi to focus on the complete awakening of one particular center of the soul. It has been compiled from a rich archive of talks and written materials on this subject, which are punctuated with new texts and excerpts written by Aadi. It moves methodically through every aspect of awakening to being and the absolute state, giving us a panoramic perspective both conceptually and practically.

Being is the foundation and cornerstone of our spiritual wellbeing and wholeness. It gives us roots in existence and an awakened relationship with our source, allowing us to return to our original home. Evolution into being is the fruit of our devotion to discover not only who we are, but where we abide – what truly sustains our soul from the depth of its existence.

Hardcover book, plus complimentary eBook: £23 (incl. shipping)
E-book: £10

Beyond Traditions

bow-websiteBeyond Traditions is a collection of articles, whose purpose it is to provide a rich and insightful overview of the major traditions of enlightenment, and to offer a bold and precise commentary on their shortcomings and limitations. It explores, analyses and critiques the spiritual concepts and visions of, amoungst others, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Taoism and Sufism.Hardcover book, plus complimentary eBook: £31 (incl. shipping)E-book: £10

Secrets of the Inner Universe

SIU - Final Cover smallThis innovative series of articles by Aadi explores the deeper, hidden laws which govern our existence, both in the inner and outer universes. Through drawing creative parallels between the science of physics and that of spirituality, it offers deep insights into the concepts of time, space, light, intelligence and recognition. Informed by general relativity and quantum physics, it is a journey into how the soul exists, moves and evolves within the inner realm.E-book: £10

Critical Inquiries into Truth

Critical Inquiries into TruthAadi wrote this eclectic series of articles to address some of the most important issues pertaining to the spiritual dimension and to our evolution into wholeness. Among other things, these precious volumes comprehensively cover topics such as the true meaning of meditation, the multilayered nature of consciousness, the dimensions of the inner state, the birth of the soul, the crucial role of me, the relationship between our personal self and the soul, the relationship between the soul and the universal reality, the deep interdependence of awakening and surrender, the importance of healing, purification and reaching completion on the human level, and the merging of the human with our higher self. These articles have been written in simple language, with the aim of addressing those who have not studied his teaching, but do have a basic understanding of meditation and awakening.

Hardcover Book Vol 1: £23 (incl. shipping) *Hardcover Book Vol 2: £23 (incl. shipping) *

Past Books by Aadi

While the following books contain valuable and relevant materials, please be aware that the teaching has evolved significantly since they were written and published. Therefore, you may find some discrepancies between the content of these books and the current teaching. For the most up to date teaching, please refer to recently published books, articles and recordings. Book of Wholeness is also updated on a yearly basis.

Book of Wholeness

bow-websiteBook of Wholeness offers a detailed, subtle and comprehensive overview of Aadi’s teaching, which dives deeply into the practicalities and subtle complexities of awakening to our holistic soul.

On many levels, it can be seen as the most far-reaching and complete of Aadi’s works to date. However, while the books is still incredibly valuable, it is important to note that the vision it presents has been superseded on many levels, as the conceptual map of the teaching continues to constantly evolve and transcend it’s own limitations.

Hardcover book, plus complimentary eBook: £31 (incl. shipping)
E-book: £10

Embodying Universal Consciousness

Embodying Universal ConsciousnessThis book is a series of talks, transcribed from a retreat with Aadi. These talks emerged when a fundamental question was posed: How to embody the awakened state of consciousness? It describes with subtlety, depth and absolute practicality the process through which, through the merging of the deepest dimension of our personal identity with the energy of universal consciousness, the individual consciousness of the soul is born. It is a book of tremendous value, which draws out with complete clarity the path to become and fully embody our higher identity. Hardcover book, plus complimentary eBook: £23 (incl. shipping)E-book: £10

Awakening of Pure Me

Awakening of Pure MeThis book is a live teaching of Aadi, transcribed from a single retreat. Its subject is a clarification of the most subtle dimension of awakening – the realization of pure me, of that innermost consciousness which bridges the human with the soul and through which our higher being can become embodied as the true I am. It serves as a complementary volume to Book of Wholeness, Aadi’s most recent and comprehensive work. Hardcover book, plus complimentary eBook: £23 (incl. shipping)E-book: £10

Erwachen von Purem Ich (German Translation)

Awakening of Pure MeDieses Buch ist ein Live Teaching von Aadi und wurde von einem einzigen Retreat transkribiert. Das Thema ist die Klärung der subtilsten Dimension von Erwachen – die Realisierung von purem Ich, dieser innersten Bewusstheit, die den Menschen mit der Seele verbindet und durch welche unser höheres Wesen als das wahre Ich-bin verkörpert werden kann. Es dient als ergänzendes Buch zu „Book of Wholeness“, Aadis neustem und umfangreichstem Werk (bisher nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich). E-book: £10

Book of Enlightenment

Book of EnlightenmentBook of Enlightenment is a true journey through the vast landscape of our human evolution into completion. It represents Aadi’s first full revelation of the holistic picture of our multidimensional enlightenment, where the awakening of the complete soul and her samadhi in universal reality are shown to be fully interconnected. The book speaks about the birth of a true seeker, the correct understanding of meditation and the intricate process of the awakening of me. Although it is still very valuable, it should be noted that since Book of Enlightenment was written in 2006, Aadi’s teaching has evolved far beyond its formative conceptual framework. In addition, many of the concepts used in the book are being used in a significantly different way than they were. As such, while rich in insights, it should be read and contemplated in the context of Aadi’s more recent books and articles.

Hardcover Book: £23 (incl. shipping)
E-book: $12.39