Online Teaching


We have a vibrant online teaching platform, which serves as a complementary support for attending seclusions in person throughout the year.  The online hall is open all day and night, and offers a space where one can meditate and connect to the profound energy of the teaching and the support of other students.  The online hall also hosts regular live events: weekly Live Streams with Aadi, where he gives talks and guidance, and online seclusions, where the real life seclusions are broadcast live to support those who are not able to attend in person.

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Online Seclusion

To support those who cannot attend our Divine Seclusions (meditation retreats), we have created the ‘Online Seclusion’ platform. The online seclusion allows students to participate in the event with Aadi via a live broadcast from the meditation hall.

It should be clear that Aadi’s direct physical presence enables a much more powerful energetic transmission, through his guidance. As such, the online seclusion obviously should not be seen as a substitute for participating in the Divine Seclusion in person. However, this platform is still highly effective in enabling one to connect to the grace and magic of transformation which takes place in our seclusions and in the meditation hall.

We recommend this platform more a support for those who are already an established part of the teaching. As a new student, it is very much preferable to join in person.

How Does the Online Seclusion Work?

Those who join the seclusion online are expected to treat it in the same way as being present at the Divine Seclusion itself. Naturally, you might be subject to various circumstances that prevent you from being in complete seclusion. Even so, participants are expected to join as many sittings as possible, keep as much silence possible, refrain from any external entertainment such as internet and television, and minimize social activity as much as possible, within the limitations of one’s circumstances.

All of our seclusions are broadcast live from the meditation hall in the ‘online hall’, via a link that will be provided to each online participant. Additionally, in case you should miss a talk, all the recordings of talks will be made available as quickly as possible to you through an additional link, so that you can catch up as soon as you are able. Unedited transcriptions of these talks will also be made available for further study.

In order for people in different time zones to be able to follow the seclusion schedule, meditations that are likely to fall overnight in certain time zones will be re-broadcast on a daily basis, so that you are able to follow the schedule as closely as possible.

Cost of the Online Seclusion

The cost of participation in the online seclusion is 10% of the cost of the actual seclusion.

If you are only able to join a seclusion physically for part of the time, this cost is included in your partial participation fee. Therefore, you are automatically granted access to the online seclusion for the remainder of that event.

We do not offer the option of partial participation in the online seclusion.

Schedule of Upcoming Seclusions

For details about dates and times of planned online seclusions please email us at

Online Seclusion FAQs

Can one follow this path by attending Online Seclusions?

If one wants to truly follow this path, one should try to attend seclusions in person as much as possible, where the energy and support is much more potent. The online platform has been established as a secondary platform, that acts as a crucial support for times when you cannot, for whatever reason, come in person.


I cannot attend all sittings, can I still join the online seclusion?

Yes, you can. You should try to attend as many sittings as possible, but we recognise that various commitments may prevent you from following the full schedule. 


Do I need to sit during the meditations?

Absolutely, yes. You should establish a silent part of the house, where there are no disturbances, and create a sacred atmosphere for each sitting. 


Can i get recordings of the talks to listen?

Yes, all the recordings will be uploaded within a reasonable time frame to a link that will be provided to you at the start of your participation. That way, you can catch up on any sittings that you may have missed.


Can I meet Aadi for a meeting over Skype during the online seclusion?

Aadi may offer to meet online participants over Skype for private meetings, to offer personal guidance. However, he does not have time to meet everybody, and will do so at his own discretion. If you are invited for a Skype meeting, you will be informed by email.


Can I ask practice related questions during the seclusion?

You are very much invited and encouraged to ask questions about your practice during the online seclusion. These can be submitted by email to


Can I sign up for part of the time?

No, we do not offer partial participation for the online seclusion. So, you would be required to sign up for the whole time, and attend whenever you are able.

Live Streams with Aadi

Between seclusions Aadi leads real-time meditations, usually weekly, which are  streamed live to all attendees. These special events are announced ahead of time via Aadi Teaching mail and on the website. .


Are Live Streams physical events that one can attend?

No. Live Streams take place online. Aadi gives a meditation of approximately one hour in duration, which is broadcast in the online hall. Students sit together ‘virtually’, and Aadi usually gives a talk on various subjects pertaining to the path. 


What’s the purpose of Live Streams?

The purpose of these weekly events is to create a supportive bridge between seclusions, offering a supportive environment in which to meditate and surrender to the inner state. In addition, Aadi often summarises the important revelations of the recent seclusions, for those who were not able to fully attend. In this way, the Live Streams help students to stay up to date with the teaching, as it constantly evolves.


I cannot attend the Live Stream – can i get a recording of it?

Yes, an unedited recording of the live stream is sent out to our mailing list shortly after it is aired.

How to attend a Live Stream

To attend a live stream simply click on one of the dates below, and follow the registration process. The updated schedule is posted on the home page of the website, and also here, at all times.

Schedule of Live Stream Events