The Underworld of the Universal Subconscious

The Underworld of the Universal Subconscious

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day….

— Genesis 1:1

What happens to consciousness when we dream? How real is the dreaming state? And what is the meaning of the waking state? Are we awake, or are we dreaming that we are awake. And what are the differences between these two states? These are important questions that go to the very root of our existence.

Things are not what they seem to be, and there are many worlds that intersect with the world we take for granted. It is our level of evolution and consciousness that determine which of these worlds we live in, and although we may be sharing our life with others, they could well be living in entirely different realities, and the differences between these realities can be such that they are tantamount to belonging to unrelated universes.

The Collective and Universal Unconscious and Subconscious

Where do our thoughts come from? They manifest from our unconscious mind, and then pass the threshold of our personal subconscious mind before we become conscious of them. But just as our personal consciousness is interwoven with collective consciousness, so does our personal unconscious mind blend with the collective unconscious. If we plunge even deeper, we discover that the collective unconscious intermingles with the universal unconscious, just as the collective subconscious (which exists only relatively as a network of the sum total of the personal subconscious of every human) does with the universal subconscious. The unconscious is just the information storehouse that has the potential of manifesting as the subconscious mind. The difference between the unconscious and the subconscious is that the latter already possesses some rudimentary consciousness, albeit without any self-awareness.

The universal unconscious is the matrix of our universe, the information fabric out of which the subconscious mind of this universe manifests into living form. The universal subconscious is where this information from the unconscious has already taken a subtle form as subconscious reality; it occupies a bridging position as the post-unconscious and pre-conscious sphere of existence.

We are surrounded by subconsciousness. It is everywhere – all around us. It permeates life on this planet and our experience of reality as humans, but its unseen roots go deeper into the shadowy realm that contains the unconscious mind of this universe. This universal subconsciousness has been known by different names. Some call it ‘the astral plane’, while others more accurately call it ‘the underworld’. Some people naively and ignorantly want to learn how to travel astrally (out of the body), not realizing their destination is the netherworld of that murky subconscious dimension. Others want to open their crown chakra to experience god, but what they are really doing is opening the gates to this shadow-realm.

Things are upside down in the external world: what is above our heads is the underworld, and what is accessible through tan t’ien in our belly is the dimension of light.

The Crown Chakra and the Universal Subconscious

How could the crown chakra have become associated with enlightenment in India? The crown chakra is in fact a portal to the universal subconscious. It seems that the anti-me philosophy of traditional teachings has perversely sought to regress this unevolved me into even deeper subconscious states, which they view as a means for dissolving me even further. Immersing an already subconscious person, as most people are, into even deeper universal subconsciousness is retrograde evolution, as it only increases the level of their subconsciousness. Coupling this deeper state of dissociation from reality with unnatural and imbalanced practices might well have created altered states which may have been considered to have been enlightened. Unfortunately, just opening the crown chakra (and even worse, venturing through its portal) can be dangerous from a spiritual perspective, as this also opens one to energies of darkness. Some of the darkness encountered there may not be actively or intentionally evil, but just ignorant and with ulterior motives which would play havoc with ours and others’ affairs in the everyday world. Someone following such ill-advised paths, those which lead to the opening of the crown chakra, could resist negative influences coming through it, but not without a price. Interlocking one’s individual subconscious self with universal subconsciousness blocks the possibility of further spiritual evolution into the absolute I am.

Some people experience presences which they feel are spirits. They are often felt as being benign, but they can also be felt as being negative and harmful. Where do such presences and manifestations of ‘evil’ come from? They inhabit and emerge from the underworld of universal subconsciousness.

Additionally, some of the various beings that are channeled might be seen to be different from such subconscious presences. And where do these beings come from? It is likely that if they really are more evolved, they come from different dimensions of the waking state of this universe. Conversely, it is close to impossible that any being would connect with us from the inner universe of the absolute I am, because for this to happen, we would first have to be there ourselves.

Dreams, the Astral Realm, and Where We Live

When one enters the dream world, one enters what is a combination of one’s own subconscious mind combined with the universal subconscious. While dreams are usually mostly happening in our own psyche, occasionally our personal subconscious slips through the crown chakra into the underworld of the astral plane. But even if we are only experiencing our own subconscious mind when we are dreaming, this still happens within the sphere of influence of the astral realm (the universal subconscious, which is the base, or matrix, of everything that comprises the waking state of our earthly dimension), the intermediary space between the physical plane (ruled, for the awakened, by the universal I am), and the absolute I am. As most people live in what is more of a waking dream rather than having awakened to any level of subjective reality, their lives might better be described as ones which are actually lived in the astral plane, although their bodies are present in the physical reality.

Where we actually live is dictated by the level of our consciousness, so that two people who meet and appear to be on the same physical or psychological level may actually be living in totally different worlds – and neither may be living in the same world their physical bodies are in.

The Underworld of the Universal Subconscious

The universal subconscious is the vast psycho-sphere underlying the waking state of our universe. Its main function is to form the basis for the manifestation of the lower mind of physical reality. However, it also contains a multitude of energies and presences that have evolved within it and that exist beneath the subconscious waking state. They have either been formed through an unnatural and distorted evolution within the underworld itself, or been created in our subconscious waking state before falling back into the universal subconscious. These energies and presences represent darkness not only due to their disconnection from light, but also because of their complete identification with lower intentions. We view them as ‘dark’ both because they are disconnected from light and intelligence and because they can have negative or even evil influences upon us.

Though the domain of the universal subconscious is governed by very different laws than our waking state, it is not that distinct from how most people experience their reality. This unknown and hidden domain is ruled over by the god of darkness and gloom, devoid of any authentic subjectivity. He is the ruler of the underworld, the shadowy world of dreams, which lies in the twilight dimension between the waking state, being governed by the universal god, and the inner universe of the absolute god. The ruler of the underworld, who was also called ‘Hades’ in Greece and ‘Osiris’ in Egypt, is not the god of the dead, but the god of the living – though of those who live as if they were dead since they live in the subconscious realm.

Osiris God of the Underworld

Osiris: God of the Underworld

The vast majority of people do not exist in the waking state at all, because to be in the waking state one has to exist in unity with the universal I am. So, where do they actually live? They live in the underworld of Hades, the astral realm of Osiris. It is no wonder that the king of the underworld is also the king of this world, incontestably ruling over the collective me. Indeed, the underworld is all around us, and it is the home of the collective personality.

Osiris is also seen as the god of reincarnation and resurrection. However, reincarnation into our plane of existence does not happen from the subconscious underworld, but from the matrix of the universal unconscious mind. Those presences and energies, which are trapped in the universal subconscious, are trapped in the netherworld. Because of its low level of evolution, it is mostly a negative dimension – truly an underworld. A number of cultures associate the underworld with hell. While not literally qualifying as a hell, it is certainly experienced as one from the perspective of a conscious soul. One does not end up there as a penalty for bad behavior, but simply because one is unconscious. In fact, most people do not even have to ‘go’ to this underworld; they are already there. As the living dead, they have arrived without needing to make a journey.

The aspect of the ruler of the underworld that allows negative presences and influences to be based there is what is referred to as ‘the devil’, or ‘Satan’, in the Christian religion. From a higher perspective, this ‘evil’ actually has a positive purpose, which is the creation of the ultimate polarity to light, intelligence, and love. This polarity, and the motivation and strengthening provided by the struggle between light and dark, is required for our evolution in the waking state.

These negative energies and presences from the underworld cannot live in our waking state. The only way they are able to enter it is through the negative personal subconscious mind. It is human fear, insincerity, impurity, hatred, and other negative emotions and psychological patterns that comprise the passage for the negative influences of the underworld to enter our reality. The negative habits and tendencies that are present in people as part of their own subconscious can be manipulated and magnified by the greater negativity that is present in the universal subconscious. Since such darkness exists in opposition to light, it often targets spiritual seekers through their egos, insincere tendencies, and even just simple confusion; it tricks them by infusing itself with their own individual personal subconscious. An ordinary person is rarely actually singled out and targeted by darkness, because he already lives in the underworld through his utter lack of consciousness. Conversely, darkness does target those who are becoming more conscious and begin to split away from the universal subconscious. As long as they continue to have negative tendencies and impurities in their hearts, they are vulnerable to the influences of the underworld. This is why it is so essential that seekers guard their subconscious mind and strive to purify their intention.

Those who wish to evolve into consciousness must guard themselves from this underworld’s negative influences. These influences enter our world through the portal of collective subconsciousness, but connect to us individually through the gateway of our personal subconscious mind. Because our subconscious mind links us to universal subconsciousness, we must preserve its integrity by screening our consciousness from the underworld’s influences. We must maintain the purity of our mind through dissolving any negative patterns and tendencies, so as to stop being vulnerable to universal subconsciousness. We must also even protect our dreams by sleeping in a state of peace. Before going to sleep, empty the mind of any disturbances and nurture positive thoughts; choose to fall asleep while in a meditative state.

But looking after our subconscious is also our responsibility throughout the waking day, because the subconscious mind lives at the base of our consciousness. The transformation and integration of our subconscious is an indivisible part of our spiritual evolution and of the awakening of our higher consciousness. It is an integral part of the way of the warrior of light.

One might well wonder why our world has been designed in such a way that the universal subconscious is not supportive of our evolution into light. Why is it designed in this strange way when life is meant to serve the sacred purpose of spiritual illumination? The underworld cannot support our evolution because it is isolated from light; it is a dimension that exists in the dark. Its purpose is to sustain the basic requirements for manifested life. It is a dimension concerned with the repetition of the seasons, instinctual patterns, physical survival and the recycling of all the forms of physical life. Its level is too primitive to support our growth into the spiritual dimension.

Why is the underworld dark if it exists between us and the absolute I am? To understand this, we need to contemplate how creation took place: from the absolute I am, the absolute unconscious was created as the very opposite of isness and consciousness. And what happens in deep sleep? One is dissolved into absolute unconsciousness and becomes nothing. Absolute unconsciousness is the very antithesis of the eternal self – it is the ultimate negation of existence, the ‘I am not’ of the creator. It is the non-god in the realm of god; it is the very repudiation of his all-pervading presence born from his intelligence, for he created something that is not him. The absolute unconscious is the original black hole of creation, the perfect darkness which represents the unqualified absence of light. It is whence, from the negation of light, our world originated. And yet this absolute unconsciousness had to be created to open the duality within the absolute I am, between is and is not – the original polarity – as the foundation for creation.

What does ‘creation’ really mean? How can something exist that never existed? How can time bring our unknown future into the present? How is our life possible? We exist thanks to the original nothingness – absolute unconsciousness – that was born from the womb of the absolute I am. It was the original ‘nothing’ that allowed ‘something’ that was not there before to manifest. When this ‘nothing’, or ‘it is not’, emerged, it allowed ‘it’, or creation, to become possible. Our whole life is about the impossible becoming possible, non-existence coming into existence.

But before manifested reality could arise, the universal unconscious had to emerge from the absolute unconscious and become impregnated with the seed of creation. Then, the universal subconscious sprouted from the universal unconscious in order to form the subconscious mind of the universe. And then the subconscious waking state of this universe manifested. Though we come from the absolute I am, it is nothingness that is our beginning, the complete absence of light – absolute unconsciousness. No wonder that we are born into forgetfulness. At our roots, our mother is indeed that lamentable one of universal spiritual amnesia. It is only through the blessing of reaching the higher waking state of Shiva (the universal I am) that we can heal our forgetfulness and remember our absolute heritage. And it is then, by the grace of the universal I am, that our essence-me, now as conscious me, becomes impregnated with the light of I am.

While it is reasonable that we do not have much in the way of expectations from such a basic dimension, the problem is that the situation worsens when subconsciousness does not become conscious; there is inevitable deterioration in such a case. Not only is the underworld not supporting the awakening of our soul, it is actively antagonistic towards it and towards light. The forces of darkness are comfortable staying in the underworld. Osiris is like an unconscious and despotic father who loves you, but only so long as you conform to his limited vision of life and agree to remain a collective me. The moment you rebel against this hopeless fate, you become an outcast in his eyes, and he will seek your return to his dominion by sabotaging your path.

The universal unconscious mind is not negative; it can be seen as neutral, or even as positive, because it carries out its function according to its original design. The problems start in the universal subconscious. Its underworld was not inherently negative, but became negative because of its disconnection from consciousness. In this respect, it is no different from our personal subconscious mind that becomes negative in time through the gradual accumulation of impurities and lower tendencies. The underworld became negative because it failed to evolve into consciousness. It is not as if something personal, or that someone, has become negative – the underworld is a realm with no clear sense of self. It is not even collective. It is prior to collective; it is a twilight zone, truly a world of shadows and gloom. The underworld itself is not the unmanifested, but the subconscious dimension of the universal mind that has its existence under our waking reality. As long as we are living in the subconscious waking reality, the underworld supports us. It is in love with the collective me, with conformity to its rules, and with all humans who serve their basic and gross level of survival. It is only when we begin to diverge from its path that we fall out of favor with it, because its agenda is to maintain the state of delusion people live in. In many respects, it is similar to Maya in Hindu traditions – she creates an illusion of appearances to hide spiritual reality.

If we can transform our personal subconscious through awakening and purification, can the universal subconscious be transformed too? It cannot be, because it is not linked to individuality. In fact, it is not meant to be transformed. The universal subconscious exists objectively as a domain in its own right.

Its very purpose is to create the antithesis to light as the necessary polarity to balance our evolution. Without this polarity, with its challenges, painful trials, and opposition, we would not gain the necessary impetus and momentum to transcend the subconscious waking state. The warrior of light needs opposition to forge strength into his character.

Confronting Disturbances Arising from the Underworld

We need to differentiate three types of possible disturbances that can negatively affect our pure nature: from our own subconscious, from the subconscious of others, and from the underworld. In the first type, through indulgence in negative or unconscious tendencies, we can gradually weaken and damage our relationship with the light of our consciousness. In the second scenario, we can be disturbed by the negative thoughts, emotions, and energies of other people when our mind is unguarded and too open to them or when we have failed to establish the necessary boundaries. And finally, we can be attacked directly from the underworld, which can enter this reality either through our own subconscious or via the subconscious of others.

It is mostly the unpurified subconscious mind which is vulnerable to the underworld’s negative influences and darkness. Accordingly, it enters the waking state of our world through those who are psychically unstable, locked in negative patterns, or simply unconscious. However, even seekers who walk the path of light and whose subconscious has been purified are still vulnerable to the negativity of the underworld through attacks from other people who continue to be channels for it. Contrary to what one might think, incidences of this type are actually quite common, and therefore, we need to learn how to recognize them and empower ourselves to deal with them efficiently and effectively.

Although one may have made good, or even significant, progress in one’s spiritual evolution, one will find oneself increasingly sensitive to the energies of the unconscious, particular to those with dark and negative patterns. The risk of serious harm and setbacks to one’s spiritual self from such people is very real. And the situation is even more serious when these people are connected to the darkness of the underworld, because the darkness that people create in their own mind is much less harmful than darkness from the universal subconscious.

Those who channel darkness are not conscious of doing so, and similarly, those more conscious seekers who are attacked by this darkness often fail to really understand what is happening and how to deal with it. It is very important to be aware when this is occurring, so one can both protect oneself and also release any of the negative energies which may have penetrated one’s consciousness.

To start with, one must take great care when near people who may, however unwittingly, be connected to the negativity of the subconscious realm’s underworld. One also must learn to be clearly aware when one’s own consciousness is receiving, or has received, such influences. There is a big difference between being disturbed by any remaining impurities in one’s own subconscious versus the disturbances one can be vulnerable to from the underworld’s negativity being channeled to one through another. The darkness from the underworld which can be channeled by others may not just be a minor disturbance – it may well want to destroy our pure nature and permanently close the door we have opened to the divine light. This kind of attack can be very damaging, as its purpose is to endanger our spiritual progress and, indeed, our spiritual life itself.

To protect oneself from such danger and damage, one has to strengthen one’s inner light and close down one’s sensitive psychic channels which can be vulnerable to other’s energies. If one has already been affected by these negative energies, they must be released as soon as possible. The way to release them is through activating one’s spiritual strength, going into deep meditation, and remaining in retreat until the disturbing energies have been fully dissolved. In practical terms, the means by which we can dissolve these energies is through fully embodying essential me and pure consciousness, in conjunction with surrender to the transcendent I am. Additionally, since such disturbances often enter through our emotional center of solar plexus, it is necessary to empower the solar plexus and to relax and let go of any negative or fearful emotions in that area. Above all, one must learn to clearly identify one’s pure nature and know who one is, so that anything which enters consciousness from the subconscious realm is immediately identified as foreign and quickly rejected and dissolved.

The situation is more difficult when a dark presence, or negative spirit, from the underworld manages to penetrate into and merge with one’s own psyche. This becomes a case of relative possession in which one’s free will has been joined and mixed with the will and intent of the foreign entity. While these events of possession are relatively rare, and often experienced in milder forms, one should have awareness of this phenomenon as it is actually more common among spiritual seekers than ordinary people. Almost all of those who are affected by such dark energies, or negative presences, are not even aware of it. They carry on with their lives as if everything is normal, even though it is not. There are actually many cases of both seekers and teachers who are influenced by parasitic energies or manipulated by dark entities. Unsurprisingly, negative presences are drawn to spiritual teachers, because attaching themselves to them becomes an easy means through which to reach and influence their followers. This is one of the key reasons why it is so important that seekers do not try to teach before they are sufficiently evolved and complete, as they and their students would then be vulnerable to these kinds influences of the underworld.

How can the underworld, representing as it does such an inferior level, interfere with our journey into the higher levels of light? Despite the underworld’s intelligence being very unevolved, it is still very clever. It can be likened to people who are very clever in a purely mental sense, and who devote their minds and energies to deceiving others to make money or gain power. These people have developed a kind of worldly mind that is focused on increasing their wealth or influence on the material plane, but internally, in terms of spiritual evolution, they are extremely ignorant and unconscious. Their inability to see the bigger picture, including our real purpose for being here, means that they are actually exceedingly unintelligent and shortsighted. The intelligence of the underworld is similarly very clever, but it is corrupted and governed by lower intentions.

Because the underworld is the subconscious mind of our universe, where time does not operate as in our world, the presences living there can see things before they occur, and they are thus able to manipulate events through a kind of dark synchronicity. As an example, these negative entities can connect with and influence the subconscious minds of several unconscious people at the same time so that they cause a very disturbing situation for someone who is spiritually awakened. This can trigger a negative reaction and response in the otherwise awakened person, a reaction which makes his subconscious vulnerable to attack by the underworld through these other unconscious people. In this sense, the dark presences of the underworld are like parasites or mosquitos. Mosquitos are so unconscious that they have hardly any sense of self, and yet they are very clever in how they manage to feed on others for the sake of self-preservation.

We are particularly vulnerable to the negative influences of the underworld when our inner light has not been fully established. One of the expressions of spiritual awakening is that one becomes more open, or that one loses the sense of boundaries between oneself and the world. However, it is actually important that as we awaken spiritually, we redefine our boundaries, only now basing on our sense of self as a soul, rather than as an ego. The soul has natural boundaries of pure subjectivity that define her unique individual selfhood. It is only by the positive solidification of our light that we transcend our vulnerability to the underworld and its attacks through the unconsciousness of other people. However, such solidification, or strengthening, has to be rooted in absence, in our surrender to the transcendent I am. Through doing this, not only is our light empowered, but we also attain ultimate transparency. Nothing can touch the light of the soul who is submerged in the original domain of the creator.

Until complete samadhi is reached, one will still remain vulnerable to varying degrees, and accordingly, one needs to exercise wisdom and discrimination in protecting oneself against darkness from this world or the underworld. However, while the spiritual self of someone who is fully realized cannot be affected by darkness, his human consciousness is still susceptible to negative influences coming through other people. It happens in situations when a teacher opens his soul to others in order to help them spiritually. Even though such a disturbance is short lived, a teacher has to exercise discrimination when dealing with seekers. For instance, Ramana Maharishi was known from being extremely introverted and withdrawn when his Ashram was visited by crowds in times of various festivals. This was his way to create stronger boundaries when faced with large amounts of unconscious and spiritually hysterical devotees.

Many people are drawn to psychic training and work as a means of communicating with presences in the murky realm of the universal subconscious. Such activities are spiritually dangerous and have nothing to do with our evolution into light. Some people are drawn to occult, astral, and other similar explorations because of their otherworldly or ‘mystical’ attraction. However, any expansion of our psychic faculties into the underworld also makes us increasingly vulnerable to its negativity. It is a small wonder, then, that many of those who do ‘psychic’ work are disturbed because of being under the influence of – or even possessed by – entities from the universal subconscious. The ‘beings’ from these lower planes of the underworld tempt ignorant, confused, and unconscious humans with worthless knowledge and power as a means of accessing this world and stealing their light. The attraction of unconscious people for such temporal and material knowledge and power is understandable considering human nature, but the price paid is that of evolutionary regression, because they end up evolving into the world of illusion and shadows, away from reality and the divine, instead of progressing into a more conscious waking state. Connecting to our faculty of higher intuition (that of spiritual intelligence and insight into the nature of reality) happens through our surrender into, and merging with, transcendent I am and pure intelligence, rather than through working with the unconscious or subconscious.

One should not create fear in regards to the threat of the underworld, because such fear is what the underworld feeds on. Fear opens us to darkness. Awareness of darkness in our reality is an essential element of wisdom and discrimination that is necessary for anyone who walks the path of light. Those who abide upon a naïve and sentimental view of reality as being only light and love bury their head in the sand of illusion. They do not live in the real world, but in an idealistic reality created entirely in their minds. We must see the world not as we assume it should be, but as it is.

Our world has been designed by higher wisdom, and the battle between light and darkness is an inherent part of its design, which ultimately serves as the platform of our transcendence from the plane of illusion. As such, having the experience of being affected by darkness from the underworld should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen our light and empower our higher identity. In this sense, we can see the positive role of darkness as showing us the areas of weakness and incompleteness in our being which cause us to leak our spiritual light. In other words, vulnerability to darkness is an indication that some parts of our consciousness and emotional body still remain unconscious, and that they must be illuminated with the complete and more expanded presence of the soul. Our soul, when awakened, is naturally connected to the grace of the creator, and by entering the conscious waking state of the universal I am, she exists in the realm that is beyond the influences of the lower planes of universal, collective, and personal subconscious.

Evolving into Light

Where does the universal I am, the true ruler of the waking state of this universe, figure into this rather dismal picture of the underworld? The universal god is neither part of the underworld nor of the universal unconscious. He is beyond the subconscious realm and the matrix of the physical and astral realms. He is the bridge to reality, and waits patiently for the soul to come to him. He is the guardian of the waking state, the emissary of the absolute I am, who carries the message of light into the realm of forgetfulness. He is here to ensure that our essence-me, as our soul, returns to its primordial state of light by crossing over not only the subconscious realms, but also the absolute unconscious of the original nothing.

But such a soul has to gather a great deal of spiritual power to transcend the limiting factors of this dimension ruled by the underworld. She begins to receive support from the universal god only once she enters the conscious waking state. For this state to manifest, the soul’s consciousness has to disengage from the subconscious realm of forgetfulness. How do we make this break happen? By awakening to our real me. Our real me is not bound by the laws of the underworld, because its essence belongs to the transcendent light.

The moment we enter the dimension of awakening, we enter the realm of Shiva and begin our evolution back to the source of creation, which is immeasurably deeper than universal unconsciousness. The more conscious we become, the further we distance ourselves from the underworld, until we enter the conscious waking state of Shiva, where the universal subconscious cannot reach us anymore.

It is common among seekers to look for grace from the beyond and to pray to god for deliverance, but the Lord Shiva does not interfere with the affairs of the subconscious realm. He too has his limitations. He can only bestow grace to a soul who has entered his territory. This is divine discrimination. We have our role to play in the divine drama, and if we refuse to play it, we have not yet earned our membership in the cast. For grace to be able to touch us, we need to enter the conscious waking state and thus cross the threshold into the realm of Shiva.

When we enter the light, this naturally threatens the darkness, and it fights back. This is where the battle between light and darkness begins. Because our being is permeated with the subconscious, this battle takes place in the heart of our soul. If she fails, she loses her light, which means losing her life. Now that she has seen the truth, she cannot return to the world of the false. Losing the battle is not an option for the soul; emerging victorious is the only way. According to the law of evolution, by following the truth of reality with total devotion and undeviating focus of intent, the soul opens the doorway for the divine intervention which can bring her safely to the other shore.

As we realize our soul and embody the light of our pure nature – in unity with the absolute I am and the primordial I am – we are finally able to transcend the world that is ruled by both universal unconsciousness and universal subconsciousness. The underworld is then no longer relevant to whom we have become, and continue becoming, in the unending evolution of intelligence, consciousness, and love. Until such time, we must be alert and proceed with caution.

The universal unconscious which arises from the absolute unconscious is a manifestation of the absolute I am, and its purpose is to give birth to our universe. To evolve from universal unconsciousness into the blossoming of consciousness is like the lotus flower that grows out of the mud and transcends its origins with its beauty. And as the lotus is dependent on the ground from which it has grown, so too are we dependent on our beginnings at the physical and psychic levels based on the universal unconscious. Despite these inauspicious beginnings, at some point, our consciousness reaches emancipation from its earlier dependence and transcends. The universal I am is the bridge for our transcendence, through which we actualize the conscious waking state and then move on to transcend even this waking state by descending to our original roots of the absolute god and the primordial god. And it is thus that the circle of creation, awakening, and the ultimate return is completed.


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