Purification and Healing

The laws of purification and healing are directly related to evolution into our complete self. Awakening to our original nature needs to be followed by the alignment of our human identity with the higher consciousness of the soul. It is possible to step into the dimension beyond the mind without going through the process of purification, but one would remain incomplete. To be complete and whole, one has to become one self, which means to fully integrate the human and universal dimensions of our existence.

Our human self is composed of many elements which are conditioned by our infinite past. Who we are on the human level reflects the evolution of our me throughout many lifetimes in its own dimension, meaning in separation from the soul. Those who are more evolved are those who have come closer in their evolution as me to the purpose of their higher being. Some humans have gone against the stream of their purpose, moving even further away from their original destiny. They have forgotten, or rather failed to remember, the very reason for their existence in time and are lost in the shadows of their lower nature. The majority of humans, however, are in-between, in the grey zone of evolution. It is their responsibility to wake up, to muster the will to discover their true purpose and begin to serve their soul.

Awakening does not magically purify or heal our human self; one may step into one of the awakened states and still remain fundamentally impure. There are two possible reasons for this: one is that the human has not surrendered to the soul and hence his identity cannot be penetrated by her light, and the second is that the weight of impurities is simply too heavy to be released unless certain issues on the human level are addressed first. When the human is psychologically immature and undeveloped, no amount of awakening can transform him.

In the ideal world, our psychological maturity should be in accord with our expansion into the states of awakening. However, in the real world, it is not so: one can be psychologically evolved and spiritually immature or the other way round. In most cases, it is something in-between. The relationship of cause and effect between our human maturity and spiritual awakening is not always apparent, though they are fully interconnected. As we have said, spiritual awakening does not magically result in the transformation of the human, and having evolved to a large degree on the human level does not by itself bring spiritual awakening. Still, being mature as a human makes us naturally more ready to awaken our soul, and having our soul awakened empowers us tremendously in our ability to transform as a human.

Purification and healing are not the same, but they are very alike. Purification refers more to the transformation of our mind, whereas healing refers to the transformation of our emotional existence. Since our mind and emotions are interconnected and constantly affect one another, we may at times find it difficult to identify whether the source of various negative tendencies is in our mind or our emotional body. Changing our emotions changes our mind, and changing our mind changes our emotions. Sometimes our thoughts activate certain emotional responses, and sometimes our emotions produce reactions in the mind. As humans we can be more mentally-emotional or more emotionally-mental beings, meaning one aspect is more dominant than the other.

Our emotional tendencies are more deeply rooted in our inner existence than our mental inclinations. As such, the work with the mind is on some level easier than work with emotions because thoughts are closer to our conscious will, so we have more ability to influence, discipline, or renounce them. However, disciplining the mind is ultimately unsuccessful unless the root emotions are being addressed, as it is their energy which constitutes the source of our mental reality.

In order to transform the mind, we need to manifest the clear resolve to follow our higher intention, the intention to serve our light. To transform our emotions, we must awaken to the dimension of love and transcend our fear. The root of our emotional negativity is both the absence of self-love, which is the prerequisite for emotional independency, and fear. As long as there is fear, we have no power; fear renders us powerless, and powerlessness renders us fearful. From fear arises anger – anger towards the whole world and towards our self. This anger is constantly being repressed, but it sits deep in our subconscious and obstructs our capacity to have a positive relationship with our own self and with reality.

There are two emotional centers in the body: our heart and our solar plexus. The heart is the higher emotional center; it is in fact the center of feeling. Feelings are deeper than emotions and closer to the soul. The solar plexus is the emotional power center; it is responsible for the empowerment of our human individuality on the level of survival. The human dimension of the heart is where we experience feelings such as love, sadness, hurt, or longing for affection. Our power center, on the other hand, is processing those emotions which are related to our physical and psychological security. Solar plexus is the center of survival in the dimension of separation. When healthy, it manifests a sense of confidence and positive power; when weakened through fear and anger, it is experienced as the source of constant anxiety and uncertainty about our relationship to the world and to other people.

Interestingly, although the root of our emotional and feeling existence is in the heart and solar plexus, people who are disconnected from their feelings can experience their emotions in the head. Due to the fact that the mind is where emotions are being processed, repressed, and rationalized, one can mistake the mind’s response to emotions as the emotions themselves. One can actually feel anger, fear, and love in the head while not being in touch with the source from which they manifest.

The process of purification targets how the mind responds and relates to its emotional content. Based on its wisdom, or absence thereof, the mind has a choice to respond to certain emotions according to what it considers to be morally right or appropriate. However, when emotions are overpowering, the mind cannot create enough space or distance of disidentification from them to be able to base its response on its intelligence; it simply gets sucked into these emotions. When emotions become excessively negative, the mind becomes dark.

Creating distance from emotions should not be confused with the mental efforts of the observer to disidentify from the emotional content of thoughts. Through applying the power of will, the observer can force a certain amount of disidentification. However, it cannot purify the mind. Schools such as Vipassana, whose contention is that vigilant watchfulness of the mind and creating the attitude of detachment will eventually result in purification, are based on wishful thinking: they overvalue the capacity of the observer to create change. Moreover, one cannot purify the mind while negating its value and the important role it plays in our existence. To purify the mind, one needs to go much deeper than to observe it, repress it, or cut off the arisal of thoughts. One has to go right to the roots of our very consciousness and learn how to harness the light of our pure nature. That alone can illuminate and transmute the construct of the mental self.

This is the reason why, prior to awakening, any effort to purify the mind can only really scratch the surface. No wonder most forms of therapy fail. How could they succeed? They do play an important role in helping people to become more conscious or get in touch with their feelings. But this endless processing of emotions: going into childhood issues, finding the roots of personal wounds, improving one’s connection to one’s psychological self, and, in doing so, bringing more comfort to the ego is ultimately not going to bring peace to anyone. How can someone who has no soul, no I am, no access to the space beyond the mind, transform? He is the problem, not the content of his mind.

The real work of purification and healing can begin only when we have at least a minimal connection to our true self. To transform our mind, we must have existence beyond it. As we have explained, the observer is part of the mind, hence his ability to change it is very limited. The soul has to awaken within our existence to bring about this change; it is her light that transforms the human self. However, in addition, in order for her light to enter our human reality, the human must surrender. The soul enters our human mind and emotions through the doorway of me; if me is outside of her, she has no access to it. She cannot reach me unless me first reaches out to her through its surrender, through becoming absorbed in her l am.

As our soul can awaken on several levels, through the three centers of I am, so each of those distinct lights of her identity have their own function in relation to the transformation of our human self. The foundation of the purification of the mind is awakening of consciousness. Consciousness is the closest light of the soul to the mind, for it links the mental me with the space beyond thoughts. That space beyond thoughts is not just any space: it knows itself intimately as I am, as our higher subjectivity. Through surrender and becoming integrated into consciousness, me traverses from its lower subjectivity into the soul, thereby bridging the dimension of the mind with the light of consciousness.

There are two elements to the process of purification. The first is that me has to surrender to I am; it must merge with I am. The second is that it must simultaneously make a conscious effort to pursue the principles of purity with regards to its relationship with the mind. Me has to activate its highest intention. It has to begin to use the mind from the soul, based on her higher wisdom and intelligence. The combination of the surrender of me into the soul and its conscious choice to follow its higher intention is what manifests purification.

Purification is a process, and any process involves a certain amount of time. However, this process is not linear; it is not that we arrive step-by-step at higher and higher states of purity. Rather, it has a mysterious and miraculous quality to it. It is magical because it is our soul, constantly illuminating our mind with the energy of love and grace. It is her presence, her love, and forgiveness that creates an existential shortcut to the purification of our human self. For the human to be purified and integrated into his higher self, all of these elements need to be aligned and orchestrated by the wisdom of our soul. To decode this wisdom is a function of understanding, and that understanding needs to be activated within the consciousness of me.

While purification is directly related to our higher intention, meaning that that which we are essentially purifying is our intention, healing requires touching upon the areas of our being that have been hurt, wounded, unloved, uncared for, or brutalized by living in a dimension which is both insensitive and cruel. That which needs to be healed is primarily our heart, and in order for this to happen, our heart has to awaken. To awaken the heart is not only to open her energetically and emotionally: it is above all to realize the I am of the heart, to meet our very soul in her depth. Healing begins to happen when we change our relationship with our own heart. When we are little, we are fully dependent on our surroundings, on our parents and the people who take care of us, but as we grow up, we become more independent. In a similar way, initially our heart fully depends on receiving nourishment from outside, but as she matures, she is learning how to nurture herself and become more self-contained: this is how the journey of the heart into herself begins.

Before any healing can truly happen, we must change how we relate to our suffering. Most of the suffering that we experience is just a continuation of our past hurts, which are closely tied to our past responses to negative emotional experiences. One can always get hurt, but how we respond to it determines whether this negative experience leaves a scar or is released from our being. There is a certain amount of natural and inevitable suffering in our human existence no matter how spiritually evolved we are. But in addition, there is the suffering that we do not need to bear: the unnecessary suffering that we again and again choose to experience. This ‘added’ suffering, which recreates our emotional burdens, is caused by our immature emotional reactions based on excessive dependence on the outer world and a poor connection to the power of our own heart. It is this heart-poverty that creates the tendency to feel like a victim of life. We keep blaming others or our life circumstances for our pain and remain unable to learn from our experiences. But pain is our greatest teacher. The moment we take responsibility for ourselves, we take responsibility for our pain. Suddenly, we realize that our suffering is constantly speaking to us, teaching us something of great value, pointing to our deficiencies and lack of integrity. Our pain is an invitation from our soul to become whole.

Everybody carries pain from their past and can feel like a victim of their childhood or from having been hurt all through their life. It is extremely unjust that an innocent child enters this insensitive dimension and keeps getting hurt or even abused by the people who were meant to take care of his or her growth. Some people grow up without any experience of love, and if one does not experience love in those early years, how can one learn to receive and give love? But there are reasons for everything: some of them are apparent, but most of them are hidden. Why do babies tend to cry a lot, even when they are taken care of well? Because they already know that they are suffering. To be born into this plane of low consciousness is a traumatic experience, and no matter how much love one receives, one cannot escape the basic suffering of being human. Being a child, feeling helpless and not being able to take responsibility for choosing to be here tends to activate the sense of a being a victim. Children tend to blame their parents a lot for this – parents who are in fact victims themselves. Really, everyone is a victim because they are not conscious, and they do not have a positive relationship with the very reason why they are alive.

Pain is a harsh teacher, and it will keep manifesting more and more of itself until we have learned our lesson. Those who truly learn are grateful for their pain. They realize that without that fundamental experience they would never question their reality, open the doors to deeper sensitivity, and, above all, come closer to their soul. So before we try to heal our past and heal our heart, we have to radically transform our perception of pain. The moment we begin to relate to it from a different place, learning how to befriend it, how to decode its inner language, the healing has already begun.

Creating a positive relationship with our pain is the first and the most important step on the path to healing. There is an enormous difference between feeling like a victim of our pain and being able to acknowledge it from the place of self-love and compassion. Without going through the experience of deep pain, our heart would never awaken. This in itself is the positive reason for the fact that this world is a dimension of suffering. When we develop the capacity to learn from suffering, we gradually begin to be free from it – we have learned the lesson. Freedom from suffering is not a function of disidentification, renouncing desires, or repressing our humanity. It is the result of beginning to honor our own heart and taking responsibility for our existence in this world. Suffering is a lesson in self-love and spiritual responsibility.

The journey into our heart takes many steps. Firstly, the heart has to open, and we need to create an intimate connection with the vast spectrum of her feelings. She is a most subtle instrument, constantly sensing and responding to what occurs internally and externally in every moment. Then our heart has to become more conscious, meaning she has to become linked to our intelligence. The life of the heart is love. However, when she is unconscious, the heart is like a child wanting to be nourished from the world around her and not knowing how to embrace and love herself. Finding the source of love in our own heart is awakening; love is our power. Before we can know what it means to give and receive love, we must know love, we must know our heart. When our longing for love is internalized towards the depth of our own heart, we enter the dimension of pure feeling and intimacy, the highest frequency of sensitivity. We begin to enter our true heart.

Healing is directed towards the human dimension of the heart. The human heart in itself is too shallow and too caught up in its emotions to transform and heal. That healing must be based on developing a conscious relationship with the heart of the soul, for it is the soul that heals us. After our heart is more open, the next step is to get in touch with the core of her being, the I am of the heart. When I am is met and embodied through pure me, the soul is born within our heart. For our soul to be able to heal our human heart, the human heart has to surrender. Without this surrender, she will constantly pull in the opposite direction, automatically wanting to find a solution to her unquenched thirst for love in the futile search for outer fulfillment. Healing has its price, and the price of human transformation, purification, and healing is, in the end, surrender.

Although the deepest healing is taking place in our heart, there are also areas of our emotional reality that need to be transformed in the lower emotional center, the solar plexus. As we have said, this center is not responsible for the experience of love. Rather, it relates to all the issues connected to our emotional power and survival in this world. The solar plexus is our power center, but for most people it is actually the center of powerlessness because they are constantly leaking their power through fear. As long as fear is corrupting our emotional integrity, we are disconnected from our power. Transformation of fear is the prerequisite for becoming a healthy human being. Fear is the root of all negative emotions that manifest as a response to being threatened by living in this dimension.

The first step in healing our power center is to become conscious of it; not only of its emotional content but also its energetic location. We need to make a conscious effort to be constantly present in this area, from the place of strength, self-love, and gentleness. Sensing and pacifying any arising emotions of negative nature, like anxiety or anger, we soothe this place with the energy of peace and relaxation. Our ability to heal our power center can go much deeper when we are able to link it with being, which infuses it with the quality of restfulness and absorption. Furthermore, when our heart and being are both present, they create a bridge of higher consciousness that passes right through our power center, allowing it to be embraced by the soul and included in the surrender of the heart into the absolute. As with other areas of transformation, it is only when our soul enters the power center that it can truly be healed. Because the solar plexus is not a natural center of I am, it becomes linked to the soul through the expansion of pure me. The unity of heart and being allows both the pure me of the heart and the pure me of being to expand into the emotional center. Pure me becomes the true subject of our emotional existence, radically empowering our ability to heal and eradicate the root of human fear.

Reaching purification and healing is not about becoming perfect on the human level; it is about arriving to a state of psychological health and equilibrium where the human is no longer drawn away from the soul by its own lower agenda. Seeking perfection on the human level is a misguided effort which mistakes reaching purity in the human dimension for spiritual actualization and transcendence. The difference between becoming a saint and a sage is that the saint comes closer to his ideal of how things should be on the human level, while a sage realizes spiritual perfection. A saint is trying to perfect that which never can be perfected due to its inherently relative nature and the fact that the human is on some level a reflection of the imperfect world in which he lives. Hence, the saint will always fail. Even if he comes closer to his relative ideal, he is serving the wrong master. While the saint serves the human, the sage serves the soul and her higher purpose. Serving the soul is to serve the wisdom of life, and in doing so one receives support from the whole of existence.

To seek perfection is a noble intention, but we need to seek it in the right place. To seek perfection on the human level is against the principles of humility; the human is meant to be imperfect, this is his ‘right’ place. The soul can actualize perfection only because she lives in the world of perfection, dwelling and evolving in the inner realm, constantly bathed in the light of god. She herself is the perfect reflection of the universal perfection in the dew drop of individuality. When her human self has been purified, healed, and transformed, he can then be integrated into his higher self. He becomes the soul’s window into creation, her eyes and ears, her psychological extension into the human realm. Her human expression is not meant to be perfect; it is meant to be sound and healthy. To embrace our human imperfection is an indivisible aspect of our spiritual awakening and the actualization of our soul. To be whole is to realize our perfection and imperfection as one self. The human is a child of the soul, and when he is resting deeply in his mother’s bosom, he is perfect enough. Their being has become one – now, they belong to each other.

Blessings, Aadi

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