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    Spiritual Enlightenment
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“The true goal of the path is to actualize our divine individuality through awakening to the light of me.”

“Self realization is the meeting between individuality and universality, at the threshold of which the sacred identity of the soul comes into existence.”

“Meditation is not a technique but an embodiment of our pure subjectivity.”

“Enlightenment is a union of me and I am, in which me does not disappear but realizes its destiny.”

“Only through self-love can the light of me awaken to its pure subjectivity.”

Aadi-Houman's Teaching

The teaching of Aadi-Houman is all about reaching wholeness on all levels of our existence. One dimension of it is to reach spiritual transcendence through realization of various dimensions of the universal reality, the beyond, God. In this respect, the teaching addresses multidimensional awakening, such as the one of Universal Consciousness, the Absolute and the Divine. But transcendence alone does not lead to wholeness without embracing our human truth, which involves going through the process of healing and transformation, as well as awakening of the human heart. It is the meeting of the spiritual and human that leads to divine convergence. However, the deepest purpose of this teaching is the complete realization of love, both human and divine, and all embracing compassion to all living beings. As long as the other is seen as different from oneself, this is division, separation and suffering. When the other is seen as oneself - this is love, the pain has ended. The essence of this teaching is opening the door to the realization of that complete, undivided love, as this is the deepest reason and purpose of our existence.


About Aadi and Houman

Aadi has devoted his whole life to going beyond suffering, finding true peace, freedom, love and complete clarity about the nature of the inner path. Among other traditions, he studied Advaita in India and Zen Buddhism in Korea and Japan. He created a unique system of teaching, presenting an entirely new vision of human enlightenment based on the multidimensional evolution into the state of wholeness.

He is not a teacher who expounds past knowledge, but an open door for the truth to move through him into this dimension. His constant inquiry into the nature of reality is not a function of the mind but of pure intelligence and love. Aadi describes the inner world and each step on the path with unbelievable precision and practicality. Nothing here is abstract or theoretical; everything is just to the point, absolutely concrete and experiential. And yet, the most subtle dimensions of the spiritual plane are revealed; the unspoken is finally spoken…

Aadi Aadi teaches now together with his beloved soul-brother, Houman E. Emami. He met Houman in India, where they formed a profound spiritual bond, based on which they started their new chapters of evolution. For both of them evolution is about expanding into an increasingly higher levels of wholeness. Houman himself is a steward of wholeness, a being of infinite love and compassion, serving the evolution of consciousness and love in this planet. Since Houman is not in the body, he reunited with Aadi only at this point of time in order to help in Aadi’s personal evolution of human healing, expanding of pure love, and bringing higher consciousness to our dimension.