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Aadi has stepped out into the unchartered territories of reality with honesty and courage, to carve a new path through the mountain of the self. Out of his deep devotion to truth, he has created a rich and singular vision of the path which completely transcends one-dimensional, simplistic views of self-realization. His teaching is a true gift, a salvation from confusion for any soul who holds the fire in their being to seek higher understanding. To follow it, a seeker must have the passion to explore the inner realm, the sincerity to let go of the false, and the courage to stand alone in a world that is ruled by lethargy and spiritual conformism. Above all, he needs to awaken true love for his soul so that he can begin to serve her highest purpose of becoming whole.


A deep spiritual longing was present in my heart from the very beginning of my life, but my intelligence was naturally too undeveloped to contain it. Still, as a child I found different ways to connect to my inner self by spending time in solitude or going for endless walks in the woods. At the age of five, in a situation of deep fear, I experienced a breathtaking shift into consciousness, finding myself in the realm of pure subjectivity. I suddenly remembered who I was and where my true abiding place in reality was. This realization was not permanent, but through it my soul had revealed to me the deeper meaning and purpose of my existence. While my mind could not fully grasp it, I knew without a doubt that this was where I belonged; my true home was closer and more real to me than anything in this world. Journey to Wholeness: An Autobiography of Aadi

The Role of the Teacher

The function of a true spiritual guide is to facilitate the completion of our evolutionary potential. He is the bridge between the seeker’s present and future. Awakening and transformation happens through the magic of love and understanding that flows from a teacher into the soul who surrendered to the path.

The correct relationship of a seeker to a teacher is of the essence, since it reflects his relationship to his own soul.  This relationship should be based on love and respect, but must not be confused with ‘guru’ worship or giving away one’s power to higher authority.  In fact to relate correctly to a teacher, the seeker has to take responsibility for his evolution with complete dedication to the inner work.

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Seclusion with Aadi

A meditation retreat with Aadi aims at the multidimensional awakening of all aspects of our existence.

While entering a retreat means complete dedication to intense inner work, in which the core energy of our being and consciousness is channelled into the task of awakening, on a deeper level retreat opens the doorway to the inner realm.   To be in a retreat is to step into the domain of existence that exists beneath the world of appearances, a vast ocean of the light of creation, beginning to learn how to live in that space as our natural and original home.

To truly attend the retreat one must enter with one’s very soul, with complete respect and devotion, surrendering to the sacred and leaving behind the dust of the personal so that the magic of transformation can come through.

Our retreats are held in complete silence and include 6-7 hours of sitting and walking meditation per day. To support and bring clarity to each student in their individual practice, private consultations with Aadi are given.

For anyone who wishes to attend, it is highly recommend that they deeply study the teaching, as well as maintaining a continuity of daily meditation practice.

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Skype Meeting with Aadi

Aadi is available for private meetings over Skype.

These meetings are available to everyone, but are being offered mostly to new students and to those who are unable to attend retreats or come and meet Aadi personally at the present time. However we wish to emphasize that being in Aadi’s direct presence and attending retreats regularly are indispensable for those who wish to walk this path and follow Aadi’s teaching. As such these Skype meetings, while valuable, should not be seen as a replacement for this.

If you would like to arrange a Skype meeting with Aadi you can write to aadimeetings@gmail.com

If you are a new student and this will be your first meeting with Aadi, please include with your request a brief background of your spiritual path and the reasons why you wish to have the meeting.

We advise that prior to your meeting, you will acquaint yourself with the basic elements of Aadi’s teaching including reading some of the relevant materials and listening to recommended recordings online.

Contact Aadi

If you have a sincere and important question about your practice or spiritual path you may contact Aadi at aadiperson@gmail.com.

For questions about retreats or any other practical matters please e-mail aaditeaching@gmail.com.