December 2023 - Online Seclusion

Purification and Healing of the Mind

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Local Time Retreat Time   Recording
   Dec 1, 6:00, d1       01 - Entering the Space of the Retreat
   Dec 1, 7:00, d1       02 - Reaching Peace in the Mind and of the Mind through True Purification
   Dec 1, 11:00, d1       03 - Transcendence of Ego vs Transcendence within Human Enlightenment
   Dec 1, 12:00, d1       04 - The Importance of Understanding Self-image and Cultivating its Surrender
   Dec 1, 14:00, d1       05 - Learning How to Break the Pattern of Negative Thoughts with Surrender and Positivity
   Dec 2, 6:00, d2       06 - Healing the Emotional Root of the Ego; Halting the Negative Interpretations of One's Emotional States
   Dec 2, 12:00, d2       07 - Empowering the Intuition and Confidence to Heal and Purify the Mind
   Dec 2, 14:00, d2       08 - Can One Reach Perfection in the Work with Healing and Purification?
   Dec 3, 6:00, d3       09 - Creating the Foundation of the Absolute in the Body and Heart
   Dec 3, 7:00, d3       10 - Intelligence of Absence: Relinquishing the Control of Intelligence through its Surrender to the Body
   Dec 3, 12:00, d3       11 - Surrender of Intelligence into the Body: Prerequisite for Consciousness becoming Love
   Dec 3, 14:00, d3       12 - Purification: Reaching Goodness and Genuinely in the Mind