July 2023 - Online Seclusion

Awakening and Healing of the Heart

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Local Time Retreat Time   Recording
   Jul 7, 6:00, d1    Read    01 - Introduction, and Beginning to Open the Heart
   Jul 7, 7:00, d1    Read    02 - Entering the Pain in the Heart
   Jul 7, 11:00, d1    Read    03 - Healing the Root of Shyness and Lack of Self Confidence and Fear in the Heart
   Jul 7, 12:00, d1    Read    04 - Healing the root of Lack of Self Worth in the Heart
   Jul 7, 14:00, d1    Read    05 - Dissolving the 'Pain of Life', Sadness and Hopelessness in the Heart
   Jul 8, 6:00, d2    Read    06 - The Simplicity of Healing within the Space of Total Honesty
   Jul 8, 7:00, d2    Read    07 - Letting go of Anger, Guilt and Shame
   Jul 8, 11:00, d2    Read    08 - Meeting the Heart as One's Friend and One's Love
   Jul 8, 12:00, d2    Read    09 - Letting go of the Last Residues Blocking the Heart so it Becomes the Vessel of God
   Jul 8, 14:00, d2    Read    10 - True 'Holiness' is a Natural Manifestation of our Purity; Knowing Love as the Divine in Our Heart
   Jul 9, 6:00, d3    Read    11 - Dissolving Fear in the Solar plexus
   Jul 9, 7:00, d3    Read    12 - Connecting the Human Heart to the Essence of Divine Intention from the Ethereal Heart
   Jul 9, 11:00, d3    Read    13 - Cleansing Karma through the Process of Forgiveness
   Jul 9, 12:00, d3    Read    14 - Awakening of the Divine Heart, and the Journey of the Heart into its Completion
   Jul 9, 14:00, d3    Read    15 - Becoming One with the Living Fire of Love within the Heart of all Hearts